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Best Nail Polish Brands In India That You Can Easily Find

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you are a nail art lover like me, you know good nail polishes can be tough to find in the Indian market. The nail polishes you normally see in salons and on those amazing Instagram posts, are either not sold here, or are very expensive to import. You can find a ton of off-brand nail polishes in local markets, but you don’t know their ingredient list. Some of them do end up having ingredients which aren’t the best for your health or your nails. So it is safer and better to buy from renowned brands and companies where you can keep a tab on the ingredient list. So here I have a curated list of nail polish brands that I’ve tried and tested for years, so I know they are good and how easily available they are to buy. So without much further ado, let’s get right into it.


A fairly new brand when it comes to their own cosmetics, #Nykaa is an Indian homegrown brand which evolved from selling makeup to making it. Their first ever launch was nail paints and they have been killing it each time. The formula is great, opaque and dries quickly. One of the most smudge-proof nail paints I've ever tried. You'll find the prettiest and most millennial colours in this brand. They've launched a ton of shades and formulas since their initial launch and I've tried one of each. The pricing is also very appropriate. So if you want to try and experiment with different formulas and colours, this is the safest and best bet. Also, they have the best quick dry top coat in the market.

Price Range: ₹179 - ₹199

Favourite Shades: 'Lychee Delight' a gorgeous warm #gray, 'Cinnamon Bun' the perfect #nude shade, 'Mint Meringue' the perfect #turquoise colour, 'Lost in Gold' a sparkly #rose gold & their 'Glossy Top Coat'.

Find In: Malls where they have physical stores and kiosks or online.


The most recognisable, and easily available, #Maybelline nail polishes are perfect for the beginner. Pocket-friendly, and available in a ton of colours, this is the best brand to start off your foray into nail art and start building up a collection. The ‘color show’ range from them is the perfect size and quantity, so that it’s cheap and you don’t end up with half a bottle of polish that eventually dries up. This is one polish where I've completely used up bottles and repurchased some shades. Their glitter shades are some of my favourites, thick and opaque in two coats. (Tap on the images to see shade names.)

Price Range: ₹115 - ₹185

Favourite Shades: 'All That Glitters' a gorgeous #gold glitter, 'Pink Champagne' a rose gold #glitter & 'Nude Skin' the perfect nude shade.

Find In: Malls & stores all over India, or online.


This brand has been around forever, something that your mom or grandma might have used too. It is evolving with the times though and it is very evident with their nail paint line. But not all formulas were made equal in #Revlon. I'm not a fan of their creme polishes, but absolutely love their toppers (top coats which aren't opaque but impart a certain look or quality to your base colour). There was a whole viral moment around their iconic 'Holographic Pearls', where it was the most sought after holographic top coat in the market. I've used more than two bottles personally. They have a ton of glitter toppers which can be used over base colour of choice (I prefer dark bases). Another personal fav is their matte topcoat, gets the job done perfectly and dries very thin and quick. So check out Revlon if you're in the market for glitters and topcoats.

Price Range: ₹225 - ₹275

Favourite Shades: 'Holographic Pearls' a silver #holo glitter topper, 'Splash' a mermaid green topper & 'Matte Top Coat'.

Find In: Stores and malls all over India or buy it online here.


An underdog and often overlooked brand when it comes to the Indian makeup market, is the brand #Faces Canada. Maybe they aren't as aggressive with marketing as some other brands, their products are top notch. A #vegan & #cruelty free brand, their nail paint line is quite vast and very impressive. They have some truly unique shades. The colours are opaque in two coats and dry pretty quickly. Their top coat is one of my favourite quick dry top coats. Their golden glitter shade 'Bombay Lights' is my absolute favourite gold glitter nail polish. The glitter is fine, so it doesn't look thick and gritty and is opaque in 3 coats (I use a gold shade underneath to make it opaque in only 2 coats and save the polish :P). It is so versatile and can be used in multiple ways, to paint nails normally, as accents, or as fine lined details. Another gem from this brand is their topper called 'Sparkles' which is an exact dupe for the viral 'Fairy Dust' by #ChinaGlaze which isn't available in India. Their white shade is one of the best and contrary to the name, it isn't milky but goes opaque in two coats.

Price Range: ₹109 - ₹229

Favourite Shades: 'Bombay Lights', 'Sparkles', 'Hen Party' & 'Milky White'.

Find In: Retail stores and malls or get it online here.


Now venturing into the higher end of the nail polish world and ending with a bang. There is a reason #OPI. is at the top of the game when it comes to nail products. Their quality and innovation is unmatched. Previously unavailable, it has now made a footing in the Indian market. The formula is exceptional and with some shades, I'm able to achieve opacity in just one coat! The price is worth it for the quality and the shade range, but you can opt for the 'minis' if you wanna save some coin and just test them out. Minis are also a great option if you don't intend to use the shade much and so it won't just end up drying.

Price Range: ₹299 - ₹850

Favourite Shades: 'A Touch Of Vamp' a gorgeous #red, 'I Don't Bite' the best mellow #yellow & 'Tickle My Francey' a beautiful #mauve.

Find In: Nykaa & Sephora retail and online stores.

There you have it, "My Personal Favourite' nail polish brands that are easily available in India and are pocket friendly for the most part. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Have fun shopping & painting your nails!

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post, and I'm in no way affiliated to any brands mentioned or linked.

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