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Trendy French Tip Nails Of 2021

As predicted, Indie nails are a big trend in the nail art world this year. Within that umbrella, Indie French Tip nails are particularly very popular this Spring/Summer. Especially with Gen Z.

So what exactly are Indie Nails?

A style of design that has been around in one form or another, but is finally gaining traction is the 'Indie' nail design. In this nail art style, each fingernail has a unique design or colour and no two fingers are alike; but it is all tied together with a colour story or pattern/ theme. The ombre trend from light to dark nails where each nail is a different colour, primary colours on individual nails, rainbows, etc. all fall under this category. You can even have a particular print in 10 different colours for this nail art. Quirky and fun, there is a nail art for everyone in this style.

Indie French Nails

In this subset, we have French Tip nails where the common basic white tip is replaced with different colours of the rainbow. It doesn’t even have to be the basic shape, it can be as varied and unique as you like. This trend is particularly great for furthering your creativity, as everything goes and the results are usually spectacular.

So without much further ado, let’s look at some of the best Indie French Tip Nails of 2021.

1. This style uses thin pastel French tips in various colours. The barely there French tips actually elongate the nail bed, and keep the different colours from looking too jarring.

2. Here we have the Indie design paired with an ombre of various shades of green. From limes to teals, this is perfect for summer!

3. Very popular with Instagram & TikTok Influencers, this double lined French Tip packs a punch with neon shades, but is balanced out by the negative space.

4. This psychedelic Indie French Tip is a fun take on this technique with a touch of the 70s. In case you missed it...retro is in this year too!

5. This super cute nailart combines the Indie/Ombre style with a PowerPuff Girl-esque accent finger. This is very reminiscent of Latte Art, and anything coffee inspired is marvelous.

6. Blue has been a cult favourite when it comes to nail colours. Here we have a ombre of all shades of blue with a half-n-half style of French Tip nails.

7. Similar to the previous one, this design utilizes different shades of matcha green, to make a more sophisticated and demure look compared to the the popping shades of green. Sage green is really big this year, so that's an added plus point with this design.

8. Here we have the colourful Indie French Tips accented with simple daisies which give it such a soft and feminine look.

9. Tie & Dye has been a major trend when it comes to clothing items since 2020 and is still going strong. Here we have the viral pattern "tied" in with the Indie French style for a fresh and contemporary look.

10. Deep V-shaped French Tips on coffin are an Instagram Baddie staple. These Indie nails incorporate all colours of the rainbow into this gorgeous look.

11. This design utilizes random cute patterns to make for a very kawaii final look.

12. Retro patterns are in, and this checkered pattern has such strong 'Clueless' vibes. The different shapes of the tip make this nail art fun yet modern.

13. No list can be truly complete without some glitter extensions. These Indie nails have such a strong Unicorn vibe that they'll add a touch of magic to any look.

14. Last but not the least, these freestyle Indie French Tip nails. The irregular shape alleviates it from a basic French tip and gives such strong Ice Cream vibes that it is perfect for summer.

There you have it, the best Indie French Tip nails of 2021. Hope these inspire you to venture out of your comfort zone of basic French Tips. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks.


P.S.- None of the images used are owned by us unless watermarked with @nails_by_sujata.

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