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9 Charming Nailart Ideas For Fall

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Even though my city doesn't truly have fall season the way we associate with autumn, it is my absolute favourite season. The weather, the colours, the food, the clothes are the absolute best in fall. So here are some amazing nail art ideas to make your nails stand out with your fabulous layered outfits.

All The Leaves

How can we not start a #fall themed post without the beautiful foliage of the prettiest warm colours. The colour spectrum of fall leaves from deep burgundies to olive greens is so charming that it downright looks magical.

How to achieve this look: If you're an artist, go crazy and draw these freehand with acrylics and gel paints. If not, no judgement, use stickers, glitters and stamping plates to achieve the fallen foliage look of autumn.

Cozy Sweater Nails

Fall and sweaters go hand in hand. Every fall, neutral knit sweaters are always in trend and a staple to keep the chill at bay. You can now have mini knit #sweaters on your nails too!

How to achieve this look: You'll need builder gel UV/LED lamps for these. As seen in the pictorial, you need to first draw the pattern and build it up with #builder gel. On the last layer, sprinkle some sugar #powder (nail art kind) and then cure. Voila, knit sweater nails ready! You could paint these on, but it will not have the same effect.

Burgundy Delights

Burgundy is the quintessential fall colour. It's deep hue marks the passage from bright summery colours and the slow venture into the deep hues of fall/winter. It is a colour which somehow magically suits all skin tones and nail shapes and sizes. Told ya, fall is magical.

How to achieve this look: You can simply rock the colour as is in matte or glossy variants and it'll still make a statement. Or, you can offset it with accent nail arts as shown above for some added pizzaz. Remember to not go over board and cover the colour, we need the #burgundy to be the shining star.

Colours Of The Leaves

The dominant colour story for fall always revolves around the hues of dried and falling foliage. Right from greens to browns depicting the life cycle of leaves.

How to achieve this look: Use deep muted #olives, deep #ochres, rust #orange and coffee #browns to give out fall vibes. Use deep and warm tones so you don't venture in summer territory with the lighter shades. Pair with golden glitter and gold accessories to accentuate the look.

All Things Plaid

Fall and Flannel, sounds like a great indie band, and is an iconic duo. Not only does this pattern look chic, Burberry has made #plaid into a symbol of luxury in nude hues.

How to achieve this look: You can do this freehand as shown in the pictorial. You can also use stickers or stamping templates to get that plaid look.

Pumpkin Snatched Nails

If visiting a #pumpkin patch and decorating with pumpkins is what you live for in fall, these nails are for you. This super cute design can be done on all nail shapes and sizes.

How to achieve this look: You can do this freehand using acrylic paints as shown in the pictorial. You can also use stickers or stamping templates to get this look.

Emerald Green?

Hell yeah! Emerald green is very on trend this fall season. This gorgeous deep green looks beautiful when glossy, but even more so when matte. Perfect for people who love dark nails but aren't vibing with burgundies and blacks.

How to achieve this look: Paint your nails in a deep shade of #emerald green. Top of with a matte top coat or golden accessories for a unique fall look.

Pumpkin Spice Is Everywhere!

Love it or hate it, Pumpkin Spice Latte has become synonymous with fall season thanks to Starbucks. We are not debating about how it tastes, but in fact celebrating the virality of it with cute PSL nails.

How to achieve this look: Pair your favourite fall base colours with pictures of PSL which you can freehand or use stickers. If you're not a fan of #PSL, you can use images of plain coffee, but it wouldn't really scream fall.

Timeless Neutrals

Neutrals are always in style, all year round, regardless of the season. They are the classiest colours out there and suit every style of outfit in one shade or another.

How to achieve this look: For a fall #neutral look, use cool tones of nude (I know cool in fall, but it works better than warmer tones). Mix and match them, or accentuate them with gold glitter or neutral prints.

There you go, some very gorgeous and pretty nail art inspiration which will complement your cozy layered outfits beautifully. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Take care and flaunt those gorgeous nails.

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