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Ok But First Coffee... Nail Art

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Coffee, the elixir of life. Our days don't really start without it and we wouldn't have it any other way. If you are anything like me, you love coffee flavoured anything and everything! Coffee in dessert? Yes! Coffee in your bath products? Yes! Coffee in your candles? Yes! Coffee on your Nails!? Hell yes! Why not? So without much further ado, here are some nailarts inspired by the precious liquid gold. So grab your hot cuppa joe and lets begin...

Coffee Quote Nails

Get your favourite coffee #quote on your nails with this nailart. You can write it freehand if you have the skill or use #decals and stamping plates.

Latte Art Nail

#Latte art is great to look at, but sadly the coffee ends up cold. Now you can have your art and drink it too! Using techniques like drag marble and #watermarble, you can too achieve the gorgeous swirls of white on a brown background.

Starbucks Nails

Love it or hate it, you have to mention Starbucks if you mention coffee. Synonymous with artisanal and often overpriced coffee, most people who drink coffee have had one at some point. This isn't for them though. This nailart is for the die-hard #starbucks addict who can't begin their day without their venti latte with multiple pumps of coffee! Incorporating the iconic green #mermaid of the logo and the cup, this nailart pays an ode to the iconic symbol and the ever changing seasonal cups.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Nails

You can't mention Starbucks and not mention 'Pumpkin Spice Latte', that too with fall so near. The great people of internet are completely divided when it comes to this #viral drink, with one group loving it and the other hating it with a burning vengeance. I am on the side of art, and PSL makes for great nails. You can use pumpkin or coffee shades and top them off with freehand or stamped images of the controversial #PSL.

Coffee Cup Nails

The humble coffee cup which bears the brunt of staining with regular use takes centre stage with this design. Use minimal strokes for a simple yet chic #silhouette or go all out with your skills and make a realistic cup with coffee swirling around. Either which way, your barista will be happy.

Coffee Bean Nails

The place where it all begins, the humble coffee bean. Very simple to draw, doodle two colons in a yinyang pattern to get the impression of tiny coffee beans. You can keep it simple with a single brown shade, or use some shading to give it more depth.

Kawaii Coffee Nails

One of my favourites, you can use #stickers and decals of #kawaii coffee related items and simply stick them on your base colour of choice. Extremely simple to do, but the results are super cute.

Stamping Templates

Some people might call #stamping cheating, but I like to call it smart and consistent. Stamping gives you the freedom of layering which would otherwise be tough with freehand nailart as the layers tend to get thick. Also, stamping is a bane for the time deficit and those who aren't artistically gifted; nailart is after all for everyone. Layer images of coffee beans with cups or quirky sayings to get an intricate layered look.

Abstract Coffee Nails

As much as you love coffee, maybe you don't want an obvious cup or beans on your nails. Maybe they won't be appropriate for every occasion. So for that person, I have, abstract nails. Just like abstract art, these nails allude to the liquid gold with its deep espresso shades and swirls resembling milk foam poured into a hot cup of #coffee.

50 Shades Of Brown

Nail art isn't your thing? Worry not, just paint your nails in your favourite shade of espresso and rock your coffee inspired nails! You can use different shades on the same hand to give the illusion of an #ombre of different strengths of coffee.

3D Nails For Fun

Now, by no means am I suggesting you wear these nails to work on a Monday (you could if you want to, I don't judge), but these nails are purely to celebrate the art and have some fun! They make for some amazing artistic posts and are a testament to nail artist's #3D skills.

There you have it, some fabulous and frankly very fun, nailart inspiration for all coffee lovers out there. Hope you give these a try. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Have fun sipping your coffee and painting your nails!

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