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All Types Of Glitter Nails

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

You might think there's only one occasion you can wear glitter nails, a wedding or something similar and extravagant. You mostly see the typical golds and silvers when it comes to glitter, covering all ten fingernails or as an accent. Here we are gonna look at all types of glitter manicures you can do or get done for various occasions.


This is the #fine powdery glitter you usually find in makeup and craft supplies. You can use the loose glitter in nail extensions or a gel manicure. This type of glitter can also be found commonly in glitter nail #polishes. Apply on all nails to pack a punch or just as an accent to zhuzh up your look.


The most common and famous of all nail glitters out there, this #glitter has a mixture of fine powder and small chunky pieces of the glitter in the same colour to make the final look glisten even more when light hits it.


This style of manicure is very on #trend at the moment. As the name states, clear glitter extensions are nail extensions wherein pieces of glitter are sparsely placed in long nails with clear acrylic powder or poly gel so that it looks like pieces of glitter in glass. This effect can't be attained with natural nails because the free edge of those are usually opaque. You can get various shapes of glitter for a fun quirky look, or subtle colours for a more sophisticated finish.


Glitter shards look like flakies, but are much sturdier and bigger that the latter. These shards are thick pieces of reflective material that you can pick and place in strategic places unlike flakies. They leave an unruly and rough edge, so gel polish and extensions are the way to go with these. Use #metallic shards for a true metallic look.


#Flakies are not true glitters, but iridescent pieces of clear plastic that change colours based on the direction of the light hitting them. They can be holographic and show all colours of the rainbow, or shift between one to two colours. These flakes are very thin and and stick to every surface, so putting it on sparingly can be a task. You can keep them sparse or load them on for a more #foiled effect.


A more glitzy variant of the classical French tip, glitter #French tips are all the rage right now, especially the V shaped ones. Do these tips on all fingers or strategically on a few accents. You can use any type of glitter your heart desires. Jazz up your basic look the next time you get French #tips done.


Not true glitter, but like the name suggests, sugar powder gives the appearance of tiny crystals, like something wet has been coated in #sugar #crystals. This powder is available in clear and colourful variants. They don't sparkle as much as metallic glitter, but give a soft sheen when in moves in the light. You can top any design with the clear powder to get a sugar-coated effect, or use coloured ones to have a soft #velvety finish.


Similar to clear glitter extensions, glitter inlay nails have pieces of glitter embedded in acrylic or poly gel, the only difference being the opacity of the powder/gel. This gives a gorgeous effect, wherein the glitter peeks through sheer colours in a fun way.


The most cumbersome of all glitter nailarts, the 'glitter #placement nail'. In this manicure, single pieces of glitter are painstakingly placed in a particular geometric pattern or #freehand design to give it a gorgeous #geometric or stained glass look. This is a good design if you wanna do it yourself, but if you're thinking of getting it professionally done, I'd suggest a single #accent nail and a generous tip!


Iridescent glitter are glitter flakies, but they have a gorgeous #opalescence and can reflect all the colours of the visible spectrum. Place them strategically on opaque or transparent to bring a touch of magic to any basic manicure.


Foiled leafs are thin malleable pieces of metallic #foil that glisten like liquid metal. Similar to edible gold and silver foil, these foils are very finicky to use and one should be patient while using them. They come in a variety of colours with gold being the most common.


Any Simplynailogical fans here? You wouldn't need an introduction, so this is for the non-holosexuals. Holographic glitter is any glitter of any undertone which is able to reflect all the colours of the #rainbow when light hits. They look fantastic stand-alone and/or as accents in nailart. The possibilities with holographic glitter is unlimited, so go ahead and explore your inner holosexual.


This type of glitter looks like craft glitter and may seem childish at first glance, but when used properly, yield a fun and magical look. The bigger pieces are better used within extensions and the tiny ones can be simply placed with clear nail varnish.


Not a different type of glitter technically, but a style of glitter. You can get funfetti style multi colour glitters which you can include in your nailart; or lay down a base of silver glitter and top it with #translucent colours to get a gradient effect.

There you have it. All types of glitter nails under the sun that you can have. The next time of paint your nails, your get them done, give those tiny neglected pots of glitter a chance and you won't be disappointed. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Have fun painting your nails!


P.S.- None of the images used are owned by us unless watermarked with @nails_by_sujata.

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