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20 Cute Halloween Nail Art Ideas For 2020

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If the last article in my Halloween Series was a little too intense for you, these kawaii nail art ideas are perfect for you. These get you right in the festive mood without creeping out any of you jittery bugs out there. Perfect for everyday use, kids and cute halloween costumes. This is for all the spoopy people out there (spoopy: adj. scary yet funny) So let's get right into it and get spoopy...

1. Pop Symbols

This design utilizes all the iconic items associated with #Halloween in a cute sticker style to make them pop. Your candy corn, bats, ghosts, etc. all make an appearance. You can draw these symbols freehand using acrylic paint, or use water decals that are easily available online.

2. Kawaii Kandy Korn

No relation to the Kardashians, these Candy Corn nails are as cute as they are pretty. Inspired by the classical Halloween candy, this design uses three simple stripes of colors topped with #kawaii facial features. Simple to do and suitable for a multitude of costumes or for daily wear during spooky season.

3. Neon Pops

This adorable design uses pops of #neon colour as drippings (as opposed to bloody red in my last article) to make a super cute design. The drippings paired with minimal halloween symbols make for a super cute and trendy nail design. I'd wear these year-round.

4. Neutral Noir

If pops of colour aren't your thing, and you tend to stick to neutrals and #nudes all year-round, then these #neutral halloween nails are perfect for you. Matte and nude, they will blend in perfectly with your style and topped with black pop art, they have enough pizzazz to stand out, but yet subtle enough to not be tacky.

5. Spoopy Ghosts

Pink iridescent nails topped with cute creatures is sure to melt the hardest of hearts. Perfect for cute costumes like Lolita's and #cartoon characters.

6. Creature Of The Night...Catman!

This design is #minimal, super simple, yet so impactful. The mysterious Black #Cat is on the side walls of the nails for a change, and seems to be piercing into your soul, still looking totally adorable. Would a 100% give my soul to this cutie.

7. Glitter Critter Tips

A fun take of #French Tips, this nail design uses glitter and halloween creatures as the "tip". Super fun and trendy and will go along with a multitude of costumes.

8. Dark Botanicals

A complete 180 from the previous designs, this nail art applies almost chalk-like botanical prints atop a black background to make for a cute design. Adding a ghost is what makes it halloween-esque. This design would be perfect for any #floral- forest related costume like fairies and pixies, or for a Day of the Dead themed costume.

9. Negative Space Ghosts

I absolutely love this one. So minimal, yet so impressive. The halloween symbols pop out against the #negative space and are able to stand on their own. Perfect for almost all costumes.

10. Bats in Pink

Bats are creepy yearlong, but come halloween and they are as cute as cats. This design mixes cute polka dots and and a #pink-rose gold base with blacks and bats to create a super cute, yet totally wearable nail art. You can replace the bat with the silhouette of choice and this design will be just as bomb.

11. Boo-tiful Simplicity

This nail art is a lesson in simplicity. A couple of small floating ghosts on #bare nails, and voila, a stunning nail design that oozes elegance.

12. Pretty Pointers

Cute and creepy halloween symbols paired with glitter accessories create this adorable halloween #stiletto nail set.

13. Hello From The Other Side

#Black silhouettes can be as scary or as cute you'd like them to be. These black drawings on a silver and white glittery base make for a very chic yet spoopy nail design.

14. A Nightmare For Halloween

The classic halloween movie (or christmas movie for some), is the flagbearer of all things spoopy for halloween. You can draw your favourite characters freehand or use #decals. A glittery or light fun colour would be best suited for this style.

15. Mushy Monsters

A little more detailed compared to the others on the list, this nail art combines all the monsters from famous halloween movies. Rather than making them menacing, it is a cuter almost adorable version of these terribles characters from very #scary movies.

16. Matte Monsters

There is something #matte nails that just takes the nails to another level. A pale pink base with cute halloween creatures make for a gorgeous design in this nail art.

17. Groovy Ghouls

A simple nail design encompassing a single #monster per nail makes this design cute, yet accessible. Paint your nails in the corresponding base colour, and add details with black paint to achieve this look.

18. Pink Popping Spooksters

Pink #glossy nails, laughing monsters and loads of candy, what's not to love in this nail design.

19. Pepto Bats-mol

Pink and kawaii go hand in hand. Here, an adorable bubblegum shade is paired with the cutest bats and moon and stars (which look like smileys) to create a super cute nail design. Don't forget to mattify you kawaii looks to get that polymer clay-squishy-marshmallow look.

20. Glitter Critters 2.0

Ended the list with a bang, a #glitter bomb explosion more accurately. Here, super glittery and dazzling nail tips are paired with the cutest halloween critters and symbols that packs a punch and is bound to make a statement even if your costume is a burlap sack or your pajamas (on point for 2020). You can play with various colour combinations to adapt to your costume.

There you have it, 20 for 2020, cute halloween nail art ideas for you to rock this halloween and have a good old time. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Take care and flaunt those gorgeous creepy nails.


P.S.- None of the images used are owned by us unless watermarked with @nails_by_sujata.

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