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13 Horror Movie Inspired Nail Art Ideas

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's finally Halloween! and what better way to commemorate that than by binge watching your favourite horror movies and be scared witless. If you're as big of a horror junkie as I am, why not go further and have your favourite flick on your nails too. It can be a a good addition to your costume too. This is the third article in my Halloween Series, so be sure to check them out for more Halloween costume and nail art ideas. So let's get right into into for a very spooky Netflix & Chill session...spoiler free of course.

1. Halloween

Starting with the eponymous classic movie, Halloween the movie has been a #halloween staple ever since it released back in 1978. This tale of a murderous Mike Meyers has gripped people ever since with multiple sequels and reboots. This movie is what set off a chain of Slasher Movies back in the 80s.

The nail art inspired by this movie plays an ode to the creepy mask worn by the villain #Mike Meyers. He has to have his signature knife for all the killings he has to do you know. You can use decals/stickers or go freehand if you have the skills.

2. IT

The reboot of the iconic Stephen King classic gripped everyone back in 2017, and why wouldn't it, clowns have been and will continue to remain scary. We were bombarded with Pennywise makeup and costumes, and deservedly so. Bill Skarsgård and the make-up artists did a fabulous job to bring a next level of terror to the creepy clown.

#IT inspired nail designs reference the villain 'Pennywise the Clown' along with its iconic dialogue of " You'll Float Too", truly a being of few words. The 'Losers Club' and the infamous paper boat also makes quite a few appearances. No matter if you're a fan of the original IT or the reboot, both are equally creepy in my opinion.

3. The Nun

The Conjuring hit the theatre in 2013 and was an instant hit, mostly because of its nostalgia value and a solid story combined with some fantastic acting; it was a great movie over all. The movie was so successful that it lead to the birth of the 'Conjuring Cinematic Universe'. First seen in the second movie, the demon named 'Valak' in the body of a #nun ended up being the scariest entity from said universe (Annabelle got nothing on them), so much so that they got their own origin story.

This nail design involves the titular character with a cross on dark and dreary backgrounds. Pretty hard to do freehand, you can use decals and stickers.

4. SAW

Wanna play a game? These words were pretty harmless before 2004; and then SAW rolled around. The chaotic good villain, The Jigsaw Killer, along with his broken moral compass ensnared audiences and literal victims. The current trend of 'Escape Rooms' is thanks to his murderous escape rooms he'd lock his 'corrupt' victims in.

The extremely creepy and iconic puppet-like face mask of the #Jigsaw Killer takes precedent in SAW themed nails. Paired with the epochal hypnotic spiral and the infamous saying 'I Want To Play a Game', this design is definitely turn some heads and drop some jaws. Couple with a Jigsaw costume to create the ultimate halloween look.

5. Scream

What's your favourite scary movie? If it's #SCREAM, then you're in the right place! Taking the 'slasher' genre of the 80s and merging it with the 'whodunnit' trend of the 90s; the master of horror Wes Craven gave us the iconic movie Scream. Following the journey of Sydney and the pursuit of the serial killer menacing the peaceful town of Woodsboro, Scream broke records and ended up having multiple sequels, reboots and even parodies. The one constant in all those movie was the mask and hood toting 'killer' who isn't identified till the climax of the movie. Our own Monica from 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' played the reporter in these movies.

The "Reaper' mask of the killer takes centre stage in this nail art accompanied with blood splatter and knives. You can also add iconic items like the quintessential 'cordless phone' of the 90s and 'The Popcorn'. The stiletto nail shape is perfect for the killers face.

6. Child's Play

The year was 1988, and a movie named "Child's Play' came out permanently scarring the image of dolls for kids who never wanted a doll companion ever again. The possessed doll who could barely walk, looked menacing and was a severe potty mouth killer. Multiple sequels, reboots and spinoffs followed, with 'Bride of Chucky' gaining cult status.

The evil doll 'Chucky' takes centre stage with occasional appearances with his bride. Knives and bloods are very important for that #Chucky aesthetic with his iconic line "Wanna Play?" (sidenote: why do monsters think we wanna play with them). The bride has her own fan following, so you can also opt for the #bride costume paired with her correspondent nails.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

The scariest horror movie ever made, because it turns the most enjoyable and comforting part of one's life, i.e. sleeping, against them! Not only that, the creator of the movie, the master Wes Craven was inspired by the very real phenomenon of 'SUNDS', which stands for 'Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome' which is just as scary as it sounds. So pair that with the utterly grotesque and unbeatable villain in the form of Freddy Krueger, you have the perfect monster.

These creepy nails get inspiration of Freddy's iconic striped sweater and the gashes his claw leaves once he's attacked a victim. The street address and the extremely spine-chilling nursery rhyme are also a staple. So pair your #Freddy Krueger costume with these nails, and sleep with one eye open...or don't sleep at all!

8. Hocus Pocus

Let's take a little breather from the deep end, and venture into the kiddie pool of horror movies, which honestly every adult binges on Halloween. Not gory or violent, but full of monsters, Disney's 'Hocus Pocus' is the perfect feel good monster flick which any one can watch. This can be a starting point to turn the kids into horror junkies. Premiering in 1993, this movie is still going strong, and is on my Halloween watchlist each year. Also, a good chance to check out Carrie before her Sex and the CIty days.

This design plays ode to the infamous #witches, the 'Sanderson Sisters'. With famous sayings and songs combined with the creepy 'Spellbook' make for a very fun yet spooky design. The adorable tongue tied #zombie also makes an appearance, and who can forget 'Thackery Binx' the adorable cat. So 'Put a Spell' on your nails with these spoopy #Hocus #Pocus nails.

9. Corpse Bride

How can we mention halloween and horror and not have a Tim Burton movie? Known for his eccentric and distinguishable style, his animated movies are gloomy enough for halloween, but fun enough to be enjoyed by all ages. The titular bride is a very famous halloween costume seen year after year.

The eponymous bride along with her groom and their skeletal buddies make for The Corpse Bride nails. Use hues of blue to mimic the colour palette of the movie.

10. Addams Family

A childhood favorite, the 'Addams Family' premiered in 1964 as a cartoon and has been in the media in various forms since then. Originally a comic, the cartoon series led to the making of a film adaptation in 1991 which was the most iconic of the series. Morticia Addams was the pinnacle of sex and mysticism and Wednesday Addams was every girls spirit animal, sometimes literally.

The #Addams Family members take the stage in this design obviously. You can keep it black and mysterious if you're going for the live action movie vibe, or keep it fun and colourful if you're leaning towards the animated ones. Be it Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsly or Cousin It, they give a multitude of options in designs plus costumes. Fantastic for couple and group costumes.

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The quintessential Halloween Movie, which also doubles as a Christmas Movie; #Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' is the perfect blend of spooky and homely. We follow the journey of Halloween King 'Jack Skellington' who's inadvertently tasked with saving Christmas from the 'Boogeyman'. Will he be able to do that with his trusty sidekicks? Watch the movie to found out.

#Jack Skellington, Sally, his #ghost dog Zero and Boogeyman are all the staples. Mix and match colours as an ode to Sally's clothes. Pair with Jack-o'-lanterns and the spiral hill to really hit closer to home.

12. The Shining

Rated the best horror movie year after year, 'The Shining' is arguably one of the most famous and popular horror movies out there. Stephen King's story and Stanley Kubrick's vision enamoured people of all ages and has some of the most iconic scenes in the genre. I personally think the book was way better, but the visuals of the movies were on another level, so kudos to both.

The 'Creepy Twins', 'Gushing Blood', 'REDRUM" and the quintessential "Here's Johnny' scenes have been a very popular Halloween trope. So you can use stickers or your freehand skills to have these iconic The #Shining scenes on your nails.

13. Friday The 13th

Ending with Number 13 with a very aptly named movie, we have "Friday The 13th'. Trying to cash in the slasher trend of the 80s, it premiered in 1980 and it hasn't stopped since! Good or bad, movie after movie keeps coming out almost every year, and it works! People are already weary of the number 13 (triskaidekaphobics holla!), and couple that with an indestructible killer, who won't be scared. Becoming one of the most famous slasher movies and killer, Jason has been in the media for 40 years and is still going strong with more movies and series coming out, so there's literally no stopping him. He even has an arch nemesis he frequently battles with, Freddy Kreuger, Batman vs Superman has nothing on them.

Friday The 13th nails are all about #Jason Voorhees and his killer machete. Pair that with gashes and blood splatter, and voila, super spooky halloween nails are ready.

There you have it, 13 creepy nail art ideas inspired by your favourite horror movies for you to rock this halloween and have a good old time. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Take care and flaunt those gorgeous creepy nails.

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