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10 Christmas Nail Art Ideas For The Holidays

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's the holiday season and everyone is busy decking up their halls and houses. Things might be a little different this year, but there's nothing stopping you from jacking up your nails and adding to the Christmas cheer. So without much further ado, let's check out 10 nail art ideas to spread some much needed holiday spirit.

1. Candy Cane Nails

Halloween has candy corn, Easter has peeps and #Christmas has Candy Canes! The token Christmas #candy, you'll see this peppermint flavoured confectionery everywhere from dishes, to hot cocoa, to decor. Get the look by alternating stripes of red with white. Add green for some more added festivities, or go neutral if colour is not your thing.

2. Snowflakes

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! #Snowflakes and winters are synonymous. Add elegant snowflakes to your cool base colour of choice. Add cute characters for some added festivities. You can draw them freehand or use stickers and stamps.

3. Ornament Nails

Bubbles and baubles all around. So pretty that even cats control themselves around them. Available in all colours of the visible spectrum and beyond, Christmas ornaments are the cherry on the cake. Go wild with colour and put your ornament of choice on your tree and your nails this season.

4. Reindeer Nails

Dasher, Vixen, Prancer, Blitzen, Donner, Cupid, Comet or everyone's favourite, Rudolph. Add these magical and surprisingly real animals on your nails to play an ode to Santa's little helpers. You can have reindeer #silhouettes, their antlers or cute caricatures to capture their magic.

5. Mistletoe Nails

How can we not include the super cute, kissing booth surrogate, the Mistletoe. #Minimalistic and simple, yet so iconic. Keep them simple and minimalistic or go all out, this design is sure to bring out the Christmas spirit in everyone.

6. Christmas Light Nails

Spread some cheer by strewing lights all over your house and your nails. Undoubtedly Christmassy, the twinkling lights are an easy design to do, and oh so festive.

7. Christmas Pajama Nails

#Holiday movies have ingrained the image of families clad in #tartan print pajamas, crouched under the tree on Christmas Day, looking happy as ever. This design references the classic pajama and has added trinkets for a chipper nailart.

8. Santa Claus Nails

You can't have Christmas without an appearance from jolly old Saint Nicholas. You can have simple silhouettes, have the #Claus couple or have his helpers join in the fun. The iconic red and white combo is sure to invoke Christmas feels in the biggest of the Grinchs out there.

9. Sweater Nails

What's Christmas without a friendly 'Ugly Sweater" competition. Now take that to the next level, and wear ugly #sweaters on your nails too. You don't have to keep them ugly though, you can make them cute and elegant too.

10. Reds & Greens

If bold patterns and intricate designs aren't your thing, simply slip into something red or green to get into the Christmas Spirit. Bold bright reds and deep fir tree greens is the way to go with this nail art.

There you have it. Some amazing nail art ideas to inspire you this Diwali. Hope you a have a happy and safe holiday. Check out the blog for more nail art inspiration and tips and hacks. Have fun painting your nails!


P.S.- None of the images used are owned by us unless watermarked with @nails_by_sujata.

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